Licensing   Opportunities


Since 1994 Polar, The Titanic Bear has enjoyed four exclusive licensing programs with Steiff & F.A.O. Schwarz. These licenses are in keeping with Dasiy Spedden’s original vision for her beloved international children's character.

The only authentic Polar, The Titanic Bear plushes & authorised licensors are those documented on this page.  All infringements will be legally pursued.

For further information & licensing opportunities, please feel free to contact:

Leighton H. Coleman III

Polar, The Titanic Bear Inc.

P.O. Box 403

St. James, New York 11780


Introducing the new 2012 Polar, The Titanic Bear plush by Steiff

Previous plushes of Polar, The Titanic Bear by Steiff & F.A. O. Schwarz

Leighton Coleman is the sole contact for new licenses, permission, and authorisations to use the property.

Did you know in June of 2014, a 1910 Steiff Polar Bear from the collection of Chuck & Cathy Steffes was auctioned at James D. Julia ?

While we don’t know where the Chuck & Cathy Steffes’ bears will

wind up, the Spedden’s 1909 Steiff bear, Polar, The Titanic Bear,

is still with his family and you can follow his post Titanic travels

here on this website